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What We Do

Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

We do love coding. We are passionate about delivering projects. We know where people like us want to work.
If you are ready, join us.
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Get Your Project Done

Our team members have worked on the projects around the world. From Tokyo through Zurich to Warsaw.
We can set up a whole team. We don’t bullshit, we deliver.

Direct Search

We know where the best talents are and how to encourage them to work with you.

Quality matters

CV analysis, phone interview, soft and tech skills meetings and tests. We do care to find the best to fit your needs.

We Build Lasting Relationships
with our Consultants
& Partners

We appreciate quality. Our consultants are rewarded for high efficiency, quality of task assigned to them and being friendly team members. We strive to help them become better coders, thinkers, team member and people. We look for best opportunities to build their careers and see how they bloom.

Our goal is not to delegate our people to work on your project. We aim to solve your problems. By deciding to collaborate with us, our partners know that we care about their businesses.




Market Research

 The first stage focuses on finding the candidates with the right stack and soft skills as well as well-documented projects.

Initial Verification

CV and phone call are sufficient to tell us if we invite for an interview.

Soft Skills Meeting

He can be a beast in coding, but he must be a human to other human beings. We have to check it.

Tech Skills Meeting

He can be a beast now. We will be pleased.


Closing the employment process.

Facts and Numbers


Closed recruitment projects


Delivered IT projects


Satisfied partners

In 2020

New office location will be opened


About Us

We are a bunch of friends who work on IT projects and after some time we’ve decided to extend our services by taking off our latest project – Black Ninja. The goal is to find best talents for our partners and clients.

Satisfied partners


VrestPoint Gdańsk
Do Studzienki 63

GPNT Gdańsk
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PPNT Gdynia
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We are a joint venture of IT Consulting Services and Tincors.